Thousands of people have recourse to Keylogger apps for solving their business or personal troubles.

Keyloggers and their impact on us

We all have faced popular spy apps and some of us even tried them in action. Tiny programs that spy on computer users without letting them suspect anything is going on.

Some people might wonder if there are cases we cannot do without this software. The other now exactly when and how keylogger software saved their careers or relationships. Today we will try to summon up all the information about these applications.


What are Keyloggers?

This software was invented for spying on users. After installation it records every move users take at their computers. All information is recorded in log-files and thoroughly sorted with virtual server. Access to it is obtained via login and password users get buying their packs.

  1. On certain interval these programs make desktop screenies and fold them on server.
  2. When users start texting – their dialogues are recorded as well. It does not matter if that was – an email or Facebook message.
  3. Every file shared from marked computer is copied. You can view the copy in corresponding server folder or log-file.
  4. Cam and microphone. Complete control over video and other calls. Getting the video or sound from camera and microphone correspondingly. Complete control over victim’s private chats guaranteed.
  5. Browser history. Even after logs were erased, a copy is still available. Keyloggers never forget anything.

As you can see, its sphere of influence is rather large. It is hard to say which function is more important. Although we can exactly define, what groups of people make use of this software.

  1. Companies

A lot of developing companies suffer from spies sent out by other companies. These ’employees’ leak inner information bosses tried to keep a secret. Keylogger software can spot them without any effort or fuss.

Together with it companies spot people who fool around instead of work. No one wants to pay workers for browsing the web or watching YouTube videos. After thorough check – a lazy one will be detected.

  1. Parents

There is no doubt, some parents turn out to be over controlling. They are afraid their kids can mess up with wrong people or have other troubles they are unaware of. It is hard to control them. Especially, teenagers.

After installing spy apps, they can breathe out. Kids do not know mom and dad have access to their accounts and can watch what they do real time. Parents are calm because they can prevent the disaster find it all out beforehand.

Everyone seems to be happy. Moreover, in case of any danger parents are there to rescue their offspring.